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Custom Home Builder in Cape Charles

The real estate housing market is high, and the houses available for sale might have some of the features you want, but not all of them.

Even working with the best realtor may not help, because housing inventory fluctuates and buyers act quickly. This forces you to either settle on a house that‘s not perfect or to pay extra for one that only gets close to what you want. Building a home ensures you have the style and design you want. As a respected Cape Charles custom home builder, the team at Shoreline Homes can make that happen. We can make your dream home a reality.

At Shoreline Homes, we serve the Cape Charles area exclusively. As a trusted and reputable home builder in Cape Charles, we help homeowners from the very first steps of the home building process. Starting with the design and lot selection through to the construction and finishing, we work with homeowners every step of the way.

Let’s Start Your Home Build

Our new home construction is characterized by quality workmanship and high levels of customer satisfaction.

As a new home builder with the needs of our customers in mind, we‘ll walk you through the process for a streamlined and satisfying building experience.

The Shoreline Homes Pre-Build Process

Building a custom home in Cape Charles is an exciting journey, and the pre-build process is a crucial part of ensuring your vision becomes reality.

During our initial consultations, we’ll discuss your dreams and goals for your new home, addressing any questions you might have about the design, timeline, budget, and more. This stage is all about clear communication; we’ll work together to draft a comprehensive contract that outlines every detail, so you know exactly what to expect.

Our experienced architect will then translate your ideas into detailed plans, making revisions as needed to meet your specifications. This thorough planning and communication not only set the foundation for a smooth construction process but also give you peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of your future home is thoughtfully considered and expertly handled.

Kitchen pantry remodel

Request A Consult

It all starts with a complimentary consultation.

Envision Your Dream

Meet with our builders to outline your goals & vision.

Sign A Contract

We’ll review the contract and detail the process.

Draft & Update Plans

You’ll collaborate with our architect to create & refine the design for your custom home.

Finalize Plans with the City

We’ll finalize your home’s design & obtain necessary permits.

Building Begins

Our team will start the construction process – accepting only the best craftsmanship.

Let’s Build Your Dream Home

We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with us to discuss your vision for your new home or home renovation project. A member of our design team will work with you to align your dream and your budget. Ready to get started? We invite you to contact us today!

They are very reliable, responsible and pays close attention to detail of their clients needs. They produce beautiful work and there attention to the process of the project from beginning to the completion is outstanding.

Doug M.